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Vacation Rental Agreement & Policies

Thinking about booking one of our great vacation rentals, but need more information on the total price? Below is an outline of our vacation rental pricing and fees as well as an example of the quote that can be emailed you, if requested.

General Booking Information

Each property is assigned a Base Rent price that changes through out the year according to our rental season calendar. These prices are not negotiable as they are set by the owner prior to the start of the year.

  • Castaway Season = January 1st – First weekend in May
  • Maritime Season = First weekend in May – First weekend in June
  • Bungalow Season = First Weekend in June – Third Weekend in June
  • Buccaneer Season = Third Weekend in June – First Weekend in August
  • Bungalow Season = First Weekend in August – Third Weekend in August
  • Maritime Season = Third Weekend in August – Third Weekend in September
  • Castaway Season  = Third Weekend in September – December 31st.
  • During our Castaway season, Most of our properties will allow a minimum 3 night stay, however this is not the case for all properties. For exact property requirements please visit the property’s profile.
  • During all other seasons( Maritime, Bungalow, and Buccaneer) a 7 night Saturday to Saturday stay is required.***If you are looking for a shorter stay or a stay that is not Saturday to Saturday, we can not accommodate the reservation unless the  the property is vacant 5 days before your requested check in date. Then we can only book the off requirement reservation with the owners approval. ***

Reservation Fee Information

Guests have the option of looking online or contacting our office directly for pricing information. Before booking you will be provided with a full price quote, either by a staff member or through our website. These prices are not negotiable, but not all fees listed in your quote may apply to your reservation. Below is an explanation of each fee that may apply to your reservation so you will better understand the total pricing.

Here is an example of our price quote. This is the same information you will be given over the phone, via email or on our website directly if you are booking online. The formatting will vary depending on how you are accessing the information:

Item Amount Tax Total Insurable
Rent $1,995.00 $259.35 $2,254.35 Yes
Booking Fee $110.00 $14.30 $124.30 No
Processing Fee $39.90 $5.19 $45.09 No
Subtotal $2,144.90 $278.84 $2,423.74 N/A
All Seasons Travel Plan – 8085 $157.80 $157.80 N/A
Total w/ All Seasons Travel Plan – 8085 $2,302.70 $278.84 $2,581.54 N/A
  • Reservation Fee (required) $110 +tax
    This fee is applied to all reservations, and is also known as a “Booking Fee.” This fee is taxable. The Reservation Fee Portion ($110) is a non-refundable discounted bundled fee designed to allow us to provide value and convenience for your vacation. For example, We cover all tenants up to $1500 in accidental damage. The fee also covers other expenses such as your online guest portal, administration, accounting, legal and tax compliance, property technology troubleshooting, reservation and check in technology and various other services we provide to you in connection with your reservation.
  • Processing Fee (optional) 2% of base rent price:
    This fee is an optional fee for the convenience of electronic payment. This is a one-time, taxable fee that is applied to any reservation where a credit card purchase exceeds the initial $200 payment.
    When booking online this fee will automatically apply to your reservation. This fee can not be avoided with online booking and can not be removed after payment is processed.
    In order to avoid this fee you will need to call our office and book over the phone. This fee can only be removed from a reservation by if you pay the initial down payment of $200 on a credit card at time of booking then mail your advance payment and balance via check, money order, or certified funds.
    NOTE:  All reservations booked within 30 days of the desired check-in date must pay in full by Visa or MasterCard at the time of booking, and this fee will apply regardless if you book online or over the phone.
  • All Seasons Travel Plan (optional but RECOMMENDED) 7% of Base Rent:
    This plan is offered for travel insurance coverage, and is an optional fee.  We strongly recommend purchasing this insurance, as it will help reimburse the cost of unused days should an emergency keep you from using your whole vacation.  Without this insurance, you would still be responsible for the full amount of rent, no matter what the circumstance. We offer Travel Insurance from Travel Guard. For information on Travel Guard insurance, please click the link on our website or call the customer service number (1-877-249-5376). NOTE: The NC Vacation Rental Act states that if travel insurance is offered, whether purchased or declined, the rental agency is under no obligation to make any refund due to a mandatory evacuation.
  • *Linens (optional):
    Linens are not provided with any of our rentals unless otherwise noted on our website. We offer guests the option to rent a Full House Linen Package for all properties in our program. The fee for this package will vary per property, and is taxable. Each linen package includes sheets for all beds, bath towels, and kitchen towels. Please ask a reservationist or visit our website for more details. All of our properties provide pillows and comforters, and may provide extra blankets. You may also rent individual bed & bath sets for $30+tax per bed.
  • ***Hot Tub Fee (optional and RARE):
    If a Hot Tub fee is listed in your price quote, then your property of interest offers a private Hot Tub for an additional fee. This fee will apply to your reservation if you would like access to the Hot Tub. This fee is taxable.


 When you are ready to make your reservation, there are 3 ways to do so:

  1. Call our office and provide your information over the phone (910-328-5211).
  2. Book online through our website:
  3. Correspond via email to provide all necessary information.

**If you would like to make your reservation via email, please notify us so that we may respond with the information we will need from you.


To reserve the property, the amount needed at the time of reserving will depend on how you would like to make your payment. You are allowed to pay by check or credit card:

  • Pay By Check:  We will need a $200 down payment on either a VISA or MasterCard at the time of booking.  Roughly half of the remaining total will be due by check within two weeks of making your reservation, and the $200 down payment applies to this amount. Your remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your arrival date. We also accept Money Orders and Cashiers Checks.
  • Pay By Credit Card:  Roughly half of your balance will be due at time of booking. The remaining balance after receiving this advance will be due 30 days before your arrival date. There will be a one-time Processing Fee charged for credit card purchases exceeding the initial $200 payment. If you would like to avoid this charge, it would be best to pay by check. We can only accept Visa or MasterCard payments.   


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