Topsail Vacation Rental Property Management


Why join our family?  How Are We Different?

marketing-megaphone Techology/Marketing

Our innovative online marketing ensures your property is placed in front of tens of thousands potential guests. If they are coming to Topsail, they will see your home!


Value/Cost Savings

We take your overhead seriously! In order to minimize some pesky costs of owning a vacation rental so we don’t charge for many services that our competitors choose to bill you.


Owner Services

Your satisfaction & convenience is important to us. We offer services like online owner accounts, direct deposit, rental inspections and even cover your property against accidental tenant damages.


Owner Faqs

We have been in business over 50 years here at Topsail. Although we would love to answer your questions personally, we did compile a list of common questions we have been asked through the years.

Above All – Commitment to honesty and integrity through professional service. We truly value all our owners.


Please don’t take our word for it. Watch our collection of actual Topsail vacation owners who utilize our services. If you would like a reference list, please feel free to ask!!


  • Our Internet marketing plan gives your property more internet exposure on worldwide internet vacation sites than our competitors marketing plans. We typically advertise each property on as much as 15 different advertising partners! We also do not  charge “marketing fees” above our commission as our competitors do.
  • Super Wide Angle Enhanced Professional Photography – Not just a 35 mm shot like our competitors. Again, we do not pass this cost on to you as our competitors do.  *A recent study by found that professional photography increased bookings of a particular property by 98% and increased potential tenant views by over 159%!!!
  • Advanced Interactive Viewings giving your potential guests the peace of mind of a virtual viewing your beautiful property before before they booked.
  • 3D Models of Properties provides a Virtual Realty immersive experience for your guests. We are the first company to utilize this emerging technology on Topsail Island. Also compatible with virtual reality headsets!
  • 3D Floor Plans allows your guests to virtually view the floor plan of the home answering many of the questions they have about the layout of the home.
  • Aerial Drone Photography – After a few years of research and testing, Lewis Realty was the first real estate company on the east coast to gain a FAA Exemption to use drones commercially to take a unique bird’s eye view of our properties. This provides the guest yet another way to make their decision and gains extra views for your property online.
  • Responsive Booking Site – Mobile Usage with smart phones and tablets are at an all time high. Our website adapts to the screen to provide a positive user experience.
  • Website SEO – “If you build it, they will come” does not work with websites. Our SEO ensures our website is ranked high in the search engines therefore more exposure for your property.
  • Owner ExtraNet – Online portal for our owners to make owner blocks, see reservations, owner statements and maintenance orders.
  • Progress Monitoring Software – Our turn days are very busy and the guests are eager to start their vacation. Our advanced turn day computer program ensures our housekeeper and inspectors are coordinated using smart phones to help get your guests in on time.
  • Rental Management Software – Our rental management cloud based software allows us to work from anywhere when duty calls. It handles all reservations, accounting, maintenance, guest relations and marketing syndication.
  • Smart Home Program – Our smart home program allows us to give user specific door codes to provide more security for your property. We can also monitor energy usage to save you money.
  • Direct Deposit- Don’t wait for the check. We will deposit it directly into your account.
  • VOIP Phone System – Advanced Voice Over Internet phone system allows us to handle business seamlessly from the office or even another property. We are always in touch.
  • 24 Hour VOIP Emergency Lines – We when are closed we are still on the watch for your property no matter where we may be.

Value/Cost Savings

  • No Credit Card Fees Passed to Our Owners.
  • No Inspection Fees
  • No Annual Owner Fees
  • No Annual Marketing Fees.
  • Smart Home Savings.
  • Bulk Discounts on Some Maintenance Services.

Service To You Personally

    • Your property will be viewed on average by 4 people including our own inspectors after each rental – giving YOU Peace of Mind.
    • Direct Deposit of Rental Proceeds.
    • Online Owner Extra-net allowing you to block weeks online, view statements, view reservations, etc.
    • Protection against tenant damages with Accidental Rental Damage Insurance – Insurance policy that is a mandatory tenant cost that covers tenants up to $1500 in damage to your property, giving you PEACE OF MIND)
    • Pre and Post disaster emergency services, web, email updates and even robo call updates.
    • Owner ExtraNet
    • Tax Collection/Reporting
    • 1099/Deductions Reporting
    • Monthly Owner Statements
    • Rental Rate Analysis
    • Supervision of Repairs/Maintenance
    • Property Value Consulations

Owner FAQs

Marketing & Compensation

    • What is Lewis Realty Assoc. Inc.’s management fee or commission?
      Our management fee is very competitive with other area companies. It is established after we consider the property, rental potential, location, condition, etc. Unlike outher companies, we never charge a marketing service fee or credit card fees to our owners.
    • How will my property be rented in comparison to other properties on your program?
      Our reservationists book houses based on the tenants needs and requests. Once they establish what those needs and requests are, they enter them into our software program and the system displays available properties that meet their criteria. 
    • How is the weekly rate set?
      Every fall or when you join the Lewis Realty family, the property manager evaluates your home, researches comparable rental property data and performance, then customizes a weekly rate plan. This plan is designed to help you achieve the highest gross rental receipts as possible for your home.
    • How are my proceeds figured?
      Your proceeds are automatically calculated by our rental management program, based on the rates and percentages entered for your property. Basically, the gross rent minus any repair/maintenance/cleaning expenses, minus our management fee equals your proceeds. We provide you with monthly statements and copies of invoices.
    • When Can I expect my checks?
      Our proceeds checks are sent out by the 15th of each month for the prior month’s proceeds. We also have direct deposit available to our owners.
    • How do I do “Owner Blocks” for my personal usage?
      Owner blocks can be set up through your owner extra-net. We do; however, encourage you to leave the home open during the peak rental seasons to allow us to maximize your investment income.
    • Do you discount the rate or run specials?
      There is a need, occasionally, to discount or run a special if we have several weeks upcoming that are still open. We would discount the rates based on the percentage you agreed upon on the addendum to your property management agreement. If we think a higher percentage is warranted, we would call you for approval before we offered a larger discount.  These decisions are made on a case by case basis and we would only make such a request if the property bookings indicate they would help to maximize your investment.

Maintenance, Housekeeping, Inspections

    • Who pays for housekeeping?
      On your rate sheet which is attached to the management agreement, you will notice that the cleaning fee is deducted from your gross rent.  Cleanings appear on your statement just like any other expenses. The tenants expect the cleaning fee to be included in the rent.  Plus, NC State Law does not allow us to charge a separate cleaning fee; it must be bundled into the “Base Rent”.
    • Who pays for linens?
      We ask that the tenant bring their own linens OR rent the linens for Lewis Realty Associates, Inc. We do not charge you for linens unless you request that we make them available for your guests.
    • How is Security Deposits and Tenant Damages Handled?
      We purchase a “Accidental Rental Damage Insurance” policy for every reservation. The insurance policy covers you and the tenant up to $1500 worth of accidental damages to the property. This policy does not cover normal wear and tear. We do not hold security deposits on vacation rentals. Our cleaners and inspectors inspect for damages and maintenance issues after every rental and communicate their findings back to the rental office via digital pictures & cleaning or inspection forms. We then have a process where damages are reported as claims to our insurance provider.
    • Do I have to pay for small ticket items to be delivered to the home like light bulbs or air filters?
      Anytime an employee has to go to a property to change light bulbs that require ladders or take care of small items, there is a charge to offset our expense.  We encourage you to stock your home with enough light bulbs, batteries, shower liners, etc to last the season and our inspectors will ensure that those items are installed as needed for no charge.  In the event that they are unable to change some of the light bulbs or batteries, we will have to call in a service provider and there will be a charge for the services rendered.
    • How will I be billed for repairs?
      Your monthly statement will reflect any charges to your account along with invoices for such charges. We ask to be allowed to keep $300 for a reserve emergency fund on hand and be able to make repairs as needed for less than $300. We will call you for approval if a repair exceeds $300.  We also have several different options on repair price thresh holds and required communication with you. 
    • How is Housekeeping handled? We hire small cleaning companies as independent contractors of our company. We only give them 3 homes each to clean in close proximity of each other. We feel this allows the cleaner more time in your home to ensure cleanliness. If problems are found by the inspectors with the cleaning, the cleaner is called back to the property at no extra charge to you. We also provide the cleaners with a performance checklist to help ensure quality.


    • Can I prohibit a guest from renting my property again?
      In very rare cases with extreme damages or issues, a homeowner may elect to prohibit a guest from re-renting the property. However, this is a very careful decision to make and must be discussed with the Broker in Charge and property manager.

How To Join Our Program?

1. Contact us! We are as close as your nearest phone or computer. Simply call 910.557.9923 or email us. Whether you are in the market for investment property or shopping around for a new Property Management company we will be happy to make an appointment to view your property and give you a specialized Rental Analysis. We know how to make the most out of your investment.

2. Our Vacation Rental Property Management Agreement (PMA) package will be sent to you.

This comprehensive package includes:

a.Property Management Agreement Contract

b. Explanation of all fees (management commission, housekeeping)

c. Examples of how your home will be marketed

d. Various forms for other services (i.e. server weather preparation, preventative maintenance, annual deep cleaning) e. Minimum Furnishings Requirements

3. Review and return all paperwork The initial paperwork may be a bit overwhelming. There are many details we must outline in order to become familiar with your home. We would be happy to schedule an appointment to assist you when completing the paperwork.

4. Welcome home! Once we have received your signed contract our staff will move quickly to enroll you home into our program.